Zplugin: Misc

Tile Helper

This plugin was made to help arrange a singular Subtool in a repeating pattern. While this might be somewhat antiquated now with ArrayMesh and NanoMesh some features still might be useful. Note that this plugin only arranges the meshes. It does not make the meshes tile seamlessly. 



Eat3D Tutorial: ZScripting with Zbrush

Created example plugin for eat3d.com with companion tutorial. The plugins main function is to store model and camera positions as well as render settings. You can quickly switch your favorite render settings or use it to store settings you like while you experimenting. This can also be used to store a model position for sculpting and snap it back to that position at a later time.

 For more info and to purchase visit eat3d.com/zscripting.


SketchFab Uploader

Created for SketchFab.com to directly upload Ztools from Zbrush to the SketchFab site. 

More info and Download from SketchFab website.