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Photoshop Tools


A few scripts I have written for Photoshop. 


  • Sync Masks: Looks for a "keyword" in [brackets] in selected layer's name. Then copies Layer or Vector mask to other layers with the same [keyword]. This is to help keep masks in sync when creating grunge masks or material IDs across multiple layers. 

  • SaveAs from Clipboard: Saves image data that you have copied to your clipboard.

Photoshop Actions


  • Center Guides: Places a guide horizontally and vertically at the exact center of the document. Useful for tiling textures or making alphas/matCaps for Zbrush
  • Find Center of Selection: Places a horizontal and vertical line shape at the center of whatever you have selected. Useful for finding the center of a complex or organic selection.
  • Expand/Contract 1px/5px/10px: These are bound to function keys to quickly expand or contract a selection. Very useful for overpainting textures or making boarders.
  • Make 1024 / 512 / 256: Resizes the document to noted size. Useful for batch down-scaling textures
  • Reduce Image/Layer by 50%: Scales the layer or whole canvas by 50%. 
  • Flatten & Copy to Alpha: Copies the current state of the document to the alpha channel. 
  • Paste Mask to Alpha: Copies the active layer mask to the alpha channel. Useful for converting a grunge mask to alpha. 
  • R / G /B Group: Creates a group that clamps any layers in it to the R, G or B channel. Useful for creating packed / material / rmao textures. 
  • Mirror Marquee X / Y: Flips the selection marquee along the x or y axis. 
  • Dup & Repeat Transform: Duplicates the layer and repeats the last free-transform. Useful for arraying in a circle or equally spacing layers.